Sunday, October 02, 2005

Original welcome

Welcome! We're so glad you have visited our web site!

We are now more than two months into what is expected to be an eight-month wait to bring our daughter home. Our dossier was mailed to China on July 13. We expect to receive our referral photo and information by late January, and we hope to travel in March. What once seemed like a long process is now seeming like just a blip in time.

While we're waiting, Susan is reading everything she can on adoption, China, attachment and parenting; she's studying Chinese; and she's making herself crazy researching the BEST and SAFEST baby equipment! Lance has a new digital camera, and he's geeking out on the instruction manual and practicing so he'll be a pro by the time he has to take the first photo of Susan and baby. ("Hold it! Susan, smile! Don't look at the baby, look at the camera! Hey, Baby -- this way! This way! Woo hoo! Look at Daddy!")

We have decided to name the baby Rachel. We don't yet have a middle name; we're probably going to wait and see what her Chinese name is and see if we can use it (or a version of it). Or maybe we'll just think of another name we want to use by then.

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