Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hanging out with friends

A few weeks ago, we went to a fund-raiser for Lauren's church youth trip. We enjoyed a delicious meal at the Outback Steakhouse. Well, Lance and I did, anyway. Ting Ting barely touched the steak or vegetables I tried to share with her. However, when my dessert came, she dug in.

I had asked for two spoons, but she quickly took mine, too, so she could shove the ice cream in with both hands. Then when I got a third spoon and tried to sneak myself the tiniest little bite of the sundae, she looked at me in shock then let out a huge wail, with large tears and everything. Mean mama! I gave up.

I think she enjoyed it, though. When she had eaten all she could with both spoons and her bare hands, she tipped the bowl up so she could drink the melted ice cream and would have begun licking the bowl if I hadn't become Mean Mama again and taken it away. Sheesh!

By the way, you might recognize the dress. I bought it for her in Guangzhou, and she wore it to her U.S. Consulate appointment there. It fits her just a little bit better now -- in fact, she's almost outgrown it. Here, compare for yourself:

She's grown a little hair, too. We thought she was cute immediately, of course, but we think she's even cuter now, as a U.S. citizen.

Famous artists

Hey, look! My two favorite artists are now on the home page for the July Dragonflies' yahoo! group.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

All in a Sunday morning

Drawing with Daddy.

Talking with our friend Jane.

In pretty new dress (and Daddy's glasses).

Showing William all the markers.

I wonder why he decided to change his clothes before playing with me?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More beauty and the beach

My big sister took me swimming in the pool.

And Mommy took me to the ocean for my very first time. The water comes up to get you!

My Daddy rocks.

"The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round."

The mommies on the bus go "shhh, shhh, shhh."

Papa let me ride on the cart.

Aunt Kay and Lao Lao blew bubbles for me.

This is my brother! Isn't he great?

Papa and Lao Lao brought me gifts!

I know it doesn't match, but I'm cute anyway, aren't I?

What channel is Noggin down here?

We see seashells at the sea shore.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Papa's beach photos

This is my swimsuit coverup. Papa calls it my Elvis outfit.

Who IS Elvis, anyway?

Excuse me -- I have to make a call.

Like the floaties?

These people don't' feed me nearly enough.

Big sister Lauren, big brother Brandon, and cousins Chad and Sam.

When I get bigger, I can drive like Lauren.

There were fish in the ocean THIS big.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Papa's photos

While we were in Florida, Lance took my father's memory card and downloaded some photos onto my (ha ha) laptop. I thought it was about time I shared some of them.

This batch is from our May visit to Brentwood.

No, this wasn't Lao Lao's cooking. Aunt Kay gave her some cool green candy.

You wish you had some of this, too, don't you?

Groovin' to the beat.

Yes, she's wearing a cake container on her head and carrying a balloon from the previous night's party -- and her baby doll.

Perhaps you can see it better from the front:

These people let me play with anything.

But who can resist this face?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beauty and the Beach

The Princess is still sleeping (!) so I have just a couple of minutes to post some Florida photos.

With Daddy on the beach one evening. There's a bit of a breeze there.
With big sister Lauren admiring a whale someone sculpted (then spray painted) on the beach.

With cousin Sam -- in the ocean!

With Mom . . . I would ask which one of us looks cuter in her swimsuit, but I already know the answer, thank you very much.
With big brother Brandon on our stop at my Aunt Margie Nell's house on our way back to catch our plane. Aunt Margie Nell had a big breakfast ready for us, including the delicious biscuits my Aunt Qunnie made -- just like Mama Wallace's. Yummm. It was fun to see them and my Aunt Judy as well as some cousins: Wanda, Deborah, Dianne and Sally.

More soon, I promise.