Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Quilt is Under Way!

The photo on our home page (EDITED: photo now unavailable) is of the first piece of fabric for our baby’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt (see Oct. 15 entry for details on how to contribute).

My coworker Grace Aduroja gave this piece of cloth to me; it comes all the way from Nigeria. Grace’s parents are from Nigeria, too, so she wanted her contribution to be from that part of the world. She’s promised to get her good wish for the baby to me on Monday (she’s a reporter, so she has trouble writing when she’s not on deadline!)

Some people have asked if we want to use a certain color scheme in our quilt. The answer is no --we want everyone to contribute something they like, and then we’ll see what we have! The more colors and patterns in the fabrics, the more beautiful (and unique!) the quilt will be.

Members of both families are coming to our house Thursday for a big Thanksgiving meal. One member of our family is still in China, of course, but we give thanks for her all the same. We wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving as well.

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