Saturday, April 08, 2006

Waiting and learning

Lance and I spent the morning at an infant/child CPR course, learning all kinds of skills we hope we NEVER use! It was frightening enough to practice dislodging an imaginary piece of food from the throat of a plastic infant, but if we're ever confronted with an emergency, maybe we'll remember enough of the steps to help.

Right now I feel like flying to China to give CPR to some of the folks in the matching room! The CCAA did in fact match only five days' worth of dossiers in all of March, so we're kind of stalled right now. We expect that the Sunny Ridge families whose dossiers were logged in on June 2 will get their referrals at the end of this month or first of May, which means they waited 11 months for their child's photo. If we follow that same timeline, we can expect our referral in late June, which means we'll travel by the end of August. That estimate could change with the next batch of referrals, so stay tuned.

We've all heard the saying that good things come to those who wait. We know we're going to have a very special gift to celebrate this Thanksgiving season.

Patiently yours,
Susan and Lance

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