Friday, January 05, 2007

Yes, it was the merriest

What a Christmas!

Ting Ting's big brother and sister were both excited to get to know her. They came over separately to meet her, which made it a little nicer for them and for her.

Brandon was thrilled to see how well she dances. He did a little dancing for her, too.

He watched her answer her toy cell phone.

And he got her started on the video games . . . well, on watching him play them, anyway.

Lauren was thrilled to see the etching we had made of her with her new little sister. Artists in China created it from her school photo and a new photo of Ting Ting.
We had two made, one for Lauren and one for us. They really were nicely done.

(Lauren is wearing the silk pajamas we brought her.)
We had some other visitors early on, too. Pastor Kim from my church came out for a visit and brought her young daughter. Rachel enjoyed sharing her ball popper toy with her new friend.

Ting Ting loves to look at family portraits, so even when they aren't around she can feel close to Lauren and Brandon.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the new pictures -- I was truly going through Ting-Ting withdrawal. She looks so happy! Can't wait to see her and y'all too in February.
Love, Auntie Debi