Thursday, February 15, 2007

And there's more!

When it rains, it pours. Here are some more cute photos of Ting Ting, courtesy of my Dad:

My parents taught her to snap her fingers (well, she tries, anyway!).

Those are her new super-warm flannel-lined jeans. And, yes, they DO make her butt look big.

Putting cheese in her mouth instead of her hair.

In her swing, with her special buddy, Cyrus. I'm convinced that "Cyrus" is going to be her first word.

Always playing to the crowd.

And here are both of Lance's daughters. Ting Ting is wearing her beautiful white silk dress and shoes we bought in China for her baptism, which was Sunday morning. My parents were in town for that.

She was absolutely adorable in that dress, but do I have a photo of her in it? Not one (Note to Gloria: HELP!).

By the way, I have a new haircut and I've lost more than 15 pounds since Ting Ting entered our lives. Not that you would notice, since no one takes my photo anymore . . . I guess this is my new phase of life, huh? From now on, I'm just the person accompanying Rachel Shu-Ting. Not that there's anything wrong with THAT gig -- after all, I waited a long time to be someone's mommy!

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Candy said...

Hurray! Thanks for the update. I needed a Ting-Ting fix. Keep 'em coming!
Candy in Virginia