Tuesday, July 24, 2007


(Ting Ting's version of the "more" sign)

"You must be very busy. I've checked your blog lately -- no updates, Missy ;-)
--Anne, mother of Ana and Ava

"I'm getting tired of seeing myself every time I call up the blog."
-- My sister Kay

"I'm getting tired of seeing Kay, too."
-- My friend Debi

OK, OK, I'm sorry. Believe me I have felt great guilt about not updating the blog. But in the last five weeks, we have spent a week vacationing on the beach, Ting Ting was sick, I was sick, Cyrus was in the hospital, I was still sick, then Ting Ting got sick again. And Lance started a new job. And I got a new computer and am trying to convert some things from Mac to PC. And we're trying to raise a TODDLER, for goodness' sake!

I know that those of you who signed up for the FeedBlitz service are wondering why you bothered, but at least you didn't waste time checking the site over and over and over . . .

We do have some cute photos from the beach and from a gathering with some China travelmates and just from life in general, so I'll get busy and start posting . . . just as soon as I figure out my new system.

Meanwhile, I'll share some of the portraits I had taken of the kids in preparation for father's day. Enjoy!

We did get a few nice shots, although I was disappointed that we didn't get more. Unfortunately, the studio kept us waiting nearly an hour past our appointment time, so a certain someone had used up most of her charm in the waiting area.

Oh, well -- it just meant that when she crawled out of the scene the photographer was able to get this stellar photo of big brother and sister:


Anonymous said...

It's about time. Debi.....I don't appreciate you not wanting to see me either. I'm hurt and devastated and .... any how.....thanks for the new updated blog Doodie! These are great pictures but where are the ones from FL?


Adrienne said...

Hooray! More pictures! I was beginning to wonder about you...

Anonymous said...

Susan - we all just missed you so much! Welcome back to your blog! We count on you to keep us all entertained you know. Take care, Anne!