Friday, June 13, 2008

Aw, shucks

Beverly was kind enough to name The Rachel Chronicles as one of five (well, OK, SIX) blogs that make her day. She said some very sweet things about us in this post. She suggested that as a displaced Southerner I needed some Southern hugs, but in the days following that post, I think Beverly needed the hugs herself! Thankfully things have settled back down and she's still posting photos and stories about her absolutely adorable daughter, Glenys. Beverly's blog, "Motherhood and Other Ramblings," is a blog that makes my day, too.

Now I'm supposed to list five other blogs that make my day. That's a tough request because I read many different kinds of blogs regularly. So for this post I'll stick with blogs that made my day this week.

Not Just Pigtails and Polka Dots Anymore made my day Tuesday when I saw Michelle had posted new photos of her TWO children, Olivia and Owen. Michelle and I met online when we were both waiting for our daughters. Now Michelle and Eric have just returned from their second trip to China, where they adopted a son. I'm so happy to see them all home safe and sound.

You'd think that Wendy's blog would be depressing as her family waits -- and waits -- and waits to adopt a son and daughter from Guatemala. If anything could go wrong, it did (sometimes two or three times!) But little Levi keeps the family entertained, and teenage daughters Katie and Ashley keep things real. Today, Friday the 13th, they received the joyous news that Ahren will be coming home at last. He's 10 days older than Ting Ting, and Wendy and her family have been staring at his picture since he was just a few days old, so they're more than ready. And maybe, just maybe, they close to bringing home Peri Brynn soon, too

I stumbled on Breed 'Em and Weep a few months back, just when Jenn and her husband had decided to separate. Some of her posts have been emotional and raw, but others have been amusing or hopeful. Always they are riveting. (If you need a laugh, check out this post, in which her daughter embarrasses her in public but Jenn and her mother can't stop laughing about it, which makes it even worse. You absolutely have to read the comments, too, for dozens of other stories that had me in hysterics).

I used to love to read a blog called The Naked Ovary. At first it chronicled Karen's battles with infertility, then her process of adopting a daughter from China (I later discovered she was in my online DTC group, too). Karen stopped writing her blog while we were in China a couple of months later, though, and I really missed it. So you can imagine how it made my day recently when I stumbled upon Cheek, her new blog. And it really made my day when I found out she was pregnant! She just delivered a daughter this week.

And speaking of women who got pregnant after adopting from China, I really enjoy reading Dusty's blog. Dusty and Chet brought Mary Joyce home from China shortly before we traveled for Ting Ting, then they discovered they were going to have a second daughter, Katherine. Mary Joyce is a beautiful and funny little girl who is a lot like Ting Ting, and 10-month-old Katherine is a real sweetheart. I loved this video that Dusty posted the other day.

So, if you're keeping track, I listed three blogs of people who were members of my July 2005 DTC yahoo! group, two of whom later gave birth to daughters. (And even thought it is a MYTH that women "always" get pregnant once they adopt, I know of a third, too -- she just doesn't have a blog). The other two blogs are by complete strangers whose blogs I found by following a link and another link and maybe another. All of them "Make My Day" quite often, though.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

WOW~ Amazing news for Karen. I'll have to go check cheek out!

Jacquie said...

Hey Susan - haven't read in a while - but so glad to see all is going well - love your writing and all of the adorable pictures! Say hi to Ting Ting from Miss Tabitha - and by the way - I just did a photo update so you can check out our blog - Jacquie