Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Ting Ting's big sister Lauren turned 16 on St. Patrick's Day.

She shared her green braids, wearing some to high school and giving Ting Ting one to wear to preschool. That night we enjoyed a nice dinner out.

Where does the time go? When Lance and I married, Lauren was just 10.

She hates that photo. So here's one taken on her 11th birthday:

And here she is in her last days as a 15-year-old . . . wearing the hat I bought her the year she turned 10.

Ting Ting just loves having her beloved "Alla" here every day, and so do we (even when "we" have geometry homework). Happy, happy birthday, Alla! We love you.

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holly said...

Such BEAUTIFUL girls!!!