Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And to think at one time we actually worried that she'd never talk . . .

In the car one morning:

TT: Mommy, do you like bees?

Mom: Ummmm, yes, I like bees . . . Bees make honey.

TT: Well, I like ants. Ants make apples.


At a restaurant where I arrived later than the others, who had already finished their soup. Ting Ting watched as the waitress put a hot bowl in front of me.

TT (eyeing it slyly): Mommy, if you eat all that soup, your tummy will get bigger.

Lauren: Oh, nice.

Mom (quietly, to Lauren): Just wait for it.

TT: Mommy, I share with you, please?


Later, at the same restaurant, addressing the people at the booth behind her

TT: What's your name? I'm 'Ting-a-licious.'


Arriving at preschool one morning . . .

TT: Mommy, this isn't day care, this is Africa!

Mom: Oh? How can you tell we're in Africa?

TT: There's a lion . . . and an ephelunt . . . and some monkeys . . . and a possum!


Ting Ting, Dad and Lauren are goofing around, and Ting Ting is arguing to make her point. Dad holds up his hand, palm facing her.

Dad: Ting Ting, talk to the hand.

TT (holding up her hand the same way, then bending the fingers into her palm like a mouth): Hello, hand! How are you today?


Ting Ting is playing with a magic wand. She spies a second one and hands it to Mom.

TT: Mommy, now we BOTH have magic wands! Let's go find Daddy and make all of his wishes come true!

Something tells me we've already done that, kiddo.


Anonymous said...

This is so precious & hilarious! My husband and I are totally cracking up over her! We can see Lola heading in the exact same direction as Ting Ting :)

RamblingMother said...

Oh that is too funny! She is really a riot.

Dawn said...

Too funny! You'll be glad you wrote these down some day. I always say I am going to but then never remember and then they are lost forever.

Crystal Y. said...

love it! Sounds like she keeps you on your toes!

prechrswife said...

Haven't checked in here lately, but Ting Ting is hilarious as always! :-)