Friday, March 02, 2007

We're still keeping busy (part 2)

Ting Ting is feeling right at home. Here are some shots taken since we returned from China (some are quite old, but better late than never, right?)

She celebrated her first Christmas with her new family! From left, cousin Casey, big brother Brandon, cousins Amber, Nik, Candace and Sarah, big sister Lauren and Ting Ting.

Hanging out with her big sister, Lauren.

This photo was taken at Brandon's band concert.

Hanging out with big sister AND big brother (and Mya and Cyrus).

Oh yeah, that cat.

Sharing her love of technology with Cyrus.

Showing Grace how the ball popper works.

Attending a reunion party at the end of January with some of our travel mates. Here are Jacquie with Tabitha, Tamara with Linnea, Tamara's mother Barbara.

Ting Ting is in red, too (she's standing in my lap). To the right is Dani, daughter of Chuck and Lynette. And to the left is Dani's older sister, Alexa, holding Bella, daughter of our hosts, Jeff and Judy.

Notice all of the kids have fingers in their mouth? Teething time!


nancy said...

Rachel and Grace need to hang out again!

Laura said...

Hey Susan
Well, I noticed that you look slimmer and I love your haircut. :-)
Yeah, this is called the Mommy Diet. No time to eat, chasing a kid around, bending, picking up toys, carrying, etc etc. Whew!
I'm just catching up and love to see all of the new and old photos!
Rachel is SO cute.