Sunday, April 01, 2007

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Aren't you glad you decided to check back for updates? We have photos!

While I was on leave from work, Ting Ting made friends with the neighbors. Rachel and Jacie come over every so often to play with her. They call her "Baby Rachel" to avoid confusion.

Here are Rachel, Jacie, Elmo and Baby Rachel. Aunt Beth gave Ting Ting the Tickle Me Extreme Elmo, and she loves it. She can already say a word that sounds a whole lot like "Elmo" -- much better than any "Mama" I've heard from her.

Aunt Kay sent this white bear holding a cell phone. It rings, a female bear voice says "hello," and the bear responds cheerily, "Hello!" He then sings a rousing chorus of "I just called to say 'I love you,'" which never fails to get Ting Ting swaying to the beat and trying to snap her fingers.

OK, I have to tell a cute story -- she really wants to be able to snap her fingers, but she can't quite do it yet. So now she holds her fingers in position and clucks her tongue for the sound effect.

Driving Miss Ting Ting.

Don't mind me, just taking some toilet paper into the computer room.

I have a great sense of style.

Things go better with Coke!

(Before I hear from the nutrition police, I will add that she doesn't drink the Cokes, she plays with the full cans. If you should come to visit and we offer you a canned beverage, you've been warned!)

Pretty in pink.

Check back soon for photos of Ting Ting's first ponytail!


Anonymous said...

That lil' girl sure is growing. She is so much fun and so adorable. They sure knew how to pick a good one out for you.
Give her a sqeeze for us.

Chris, Keith & crew

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been checking regularly and frequently!
Margaret C.

Laura said...

I love these pictures, the toilet paper one is so funny! They just get involved in their little projects, don't they? She is getting big, looks more like a toddler than a baby. Precious!