Sunday, April 22, 2007

Party time

Last Saturday, we met up with some of our China travel mates.
Ting Ting is in front (of course). Linnea is in the beautiful red dress in the back, holding the doll (her grandmother Barbara is behind her, and her mother, Tamara is seated on the floor to the right of the couch). In front of Linnea is Ana (at least I'm pretty sure it's Ana -- help, Anne!). The young girl in the striped shirt is Cece, the daughter of Mickey and Jacquie (Jacquie is wearing a green shirt and has her back to the camera) and big sister to Tabitha.

Ava and Ana were great hostesses. And thanks to the Moran boys for use of the light sabers.

Ava and Ana let Ting Ting play with some of their toys and read their books.

On the right is Mickey, father of Tabitha.

Ting Ting made the sign for "cat" right after we snapped this photo.

I'm pretty sure this is Ana.

(EDITED: Oops, wrong! Her mommy has set me straight -- this is Ava. Sorry, Anne! )

Playing with Tabitha's big brother Luke (and Tigger).

Can't get enough of Luke.

This beautiful shirt was a gift from my friend Michelle (mother to the exquisite Olivia).


Anonymous said...

Ting Ting is becoming more and more camera-friendly. What an engaging little extrovert!
Margaret C.

Anonymous said...

hi Susan - The one picture you say is Ana is actually Ava. =) They are looking more and more alike, and even hard for mommy to tell too. We had so much fun - and Ting Ting was all smiles, just like mommy and daddy! I'm so glad we could all get together. Take care, Anne, Alex, Ava and Ana too!