Saturday, September 29, 2007

My, how we've grown

One of my support groups while we were waiting for Ting Ting was a yahoo! group for families who sent their dossiers to China in July 2005. We called ourselves the July Dragonflies. We had a website, and when referral photos came in they were posted there. Now we've set up a blog to show how our children have grown since they've been home. Most entries have a referral photo, a family day photo, and a more current pictures. It's a lot of fun to see how the children have blossomed.

So check it out!

(I just added Ting Ting's photos, so she's at the top right now. You all don't mind seeing her first, do you?)

P.S. -- Please take special note of the baby right after Ting Ting, originally known as Ba Hui Cong, who was under the care of the same Social Welfare Institute but joined her family a few weeks earlier.

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