Monday, October 22, 2007

How 'bout them Dores?

My family hosts a tailgate party before every home Vanderbilt football game. Ting Ting had a new outfit to wear (of course) when we were there in September.

Papa wants to start me out right.

This is my cousin Nick (not to be confused with my cousin Nik).

With my cousin Chad.

Aunt Kay provided a bubble gun, so my big brother was happy to entertain me.

Mom let me have a treat -- a swig of Sprite. (And, no, she was NOT happy with that hair cut -- it looked a little better in a couple of weeks.)

In the meantime, Brandon and Lauren helped her Go Gold.

You can put the lobster over there.

With Uncle Bud and Aunt Beth.

My goofy sister Lauren.

A shot of the crowd.

(And now, a note from Mom: I'm sorry to report that Lance's camera suffered a fatal blow shortly after these photos were taken. We had the video camera, which could take stills, for the rest of the weekend, but it wasn't the same. I've been trying to keep up with my own camera, but let's face it, Lance is a better photographer. I'll keep trying.)

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Kelly & Sindy said...

Great pics!!! Nice to find another
Ba family!!!! We just recieved our
Ba beauty on Sept 10th.

Please stop by and say HELLO!!!!

Take Care,