Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Ting Ting

Aunts and uncles and cousins came to our house in January to celebrate Ting Ting's 2nd birthday.

She loved it all, from the cake to the Dora napkins and plates to the gifts to singing the birthday song, which she calls "Happy Ting Ting."

Most of all she loved having her family here to celebrate with her.

Ting Ting wore the "birthday girl" hat her teacher made for her at day care. She also wore her birthday gift from her grandparents, a Predators hockey jersey. On the back it says "Ting Ting" and has a big 2, representing her age. It's absolutely adorable.

Her birthday gift from Mom and Dad was a red tricycle. She loved pushing it around the family room.

She even took Elmo for a ride.


Beverly said...

Too cute and too much fun!!


missy said...

It looks like Ting Ting had a big time! Her smile can light up a computer screen!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her little hockey jersey!