Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One very fine day

I won my first-ever NCAA tournament pool! I think I would have placed first either way, but having Kansas beat Memphis in overtime last night (sorry, Beverly) was the icing on the cake.
I was the only one in that pool who had picked KU as the winner.

Oh, and a guy who works for me was one of the Tribune crew who won a Pulitzer prize yesterday. Just the most distinguished prize in all of journalism. I think he possibly was even more excited than I was when KU sent the game into overtime.

Yep, a very fine day.

And it got even better when I discovered my friend Michelle finally had received approval to return to China to adopt a sweet little boy! Michelle's husband is in the Navy and was about to go off to sea for six months, and she was afraid they wouldn't get permission in time for him to travel with her (or even meet his son for several months). See -- good news does come in threes!

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Beverly said...

Ehn that's okay. I sort of expected the Tigers to choke when it counted. They always do!!