Friday, July 04, 2008

More fun at the beach

Here are some more random shots from our recent beach vacation.
Heading down with Mama and Lao Lao (Ting Ting called the beach "the sandbox").

She liked the pool, too. She learned to jump off the side into Mama's arms.

And she loves Uncle Bud -- he gives her cookies.

Lauren spent a lot of time reading a really good book, so her stepmother bought her two more.

Lao Lao enjoyed some reading time, too.

Meeting Cousin Ella.

Ting Ting loved hanging out with Ella's brother, Cousin Will.

Putting on shoes for our next adventure.

Enjoying a restaurant with Papa and Lao Lao.

and with Brandon.

The rest of us had a good time hanging out, too.

Combing Papa's hair.

Lance enjoyed sharing his photos as he took them.


Beverly said...

very cool pics. looks like everyone had fun.

missy said...

Such wonderful beach pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Rachel looks like such a big girl.

Thank you for the sweet email about my dad. You are so thoughtful!

We are hanging in there : )

prechrswife said...

Love the pictures, and love the fact that Ting Ting's grandparents are called "Papa" and "Lao Lao," just like Mary Joyce's.

I just tagged you on my blog. :-)