Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Six words

I've been tagged by my fellow Dragonfly Dusty to describe how I'm feeling right now in six words.

She tagged me more than two weeks ago, and this is the first time I've posted since then. So I guess the first word I'd have to use to describe myself is BUSY.

And I'd have to say I'm a little STRESSED at work these days.

But despite the turmoil, I'm feeling . . .

BLESSED. I do have a job that I enjoy, but better than that I have a wonderful family, great friends, a friendly neighborhood. We have roof over our heads and plenty to eat.

GRATEFUL for all the things listed above.

LOVED (and full of love for others).

JOYFUL that I am where I am today.

Now I'm to tag five more bloggers. This particular game of tag has been going around for awhile, and many of the bloggers I read regularly have already responded. But I'll give it a try with these folks:

A. at D.C. Diaries
Lauri at Leap of Faith
Beverly at Motherhood and Other Ramblings
Missy, a Tennessean who writes about her beautiful sister Paige at Party of Many . . . oh, wait a minute. Looks like Missy has already done this one. Well how about Diana . . . no, her, too. And I promised Dawn I wouldn't tag her again.

Guys! This is STRESSING me out! I'm way too BUSY to go searching everybody's archives. Tell you what -- I'd be most GRATEFUL if some readers could help me out. If you want to play, do it -- and put a note in the comments letting me know. Maybe I'll meet some new folks this way! That would make me feel LOVED! And think of how JOYFUL we'll all be to read your blogs!

So get to work! I'm off to post comments on those other blogs.


Lauri said...

Thanks for the tag.. will get to this soon

Beverly said...

I will do it. I was begining to wonder if we needed to send a search party to the beach to look for you!!