Saturday, January 24, 2009

50 years of celebration

Another photo of Ting Ting eating cake? Yes, but it's a different kind of cake.

It's an anniversary cake!

Ting Ting's Papa and Lao Lao celebrated their 50th anniversary just before Christmas, and we were all there.

The happy couple.

Aunt Beth and Uncle Bud, Sam and Nick.

Aunt Kay and Chad.

And, of course, us!

Ting Ting got to visit with a lot of her cousins,

young and old

and cool.

Big sister Lauren posed for a photo.

Here's Lao Lao with her brother and sisters -- all of them were in the wedding 50 years ago.

Papa's friend Jim was a groomsman. He brought Ting Ting a necklace he made for her. She loved it!

The members of the wedding party who were in attendance.

Papa and Lao Lao and their three little girls

and they lived happily ever after!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Awesome photos!! 50 years is wonderful!!! Love the one at the bottom with you gals gagging! LOL!

Seeing Ting's hair makes me want to cut Dori's bangs...instead of grow them out.

Dawn said...

Beautiful family!!! Great photos!