Saturday, January 03, 2009

Inside her head

Scene: Mama is helping Ting Ting pull on her socks and shoes.

TING TING: Mama, I need to call my piggies.

MAMA (Thinking perhaps "piggies" refers to her toes): Your piggies? You want me to count them?

TING TING: No, I need to call the piggies on my pig farm.

MAMA: Oh. Well, how do you do that?

TING TING: I say, "PIGS! Come on over here!"

MAMA: You mean you don't say, "Sooey! SOOOO-EEEY!"

TING TING (looking at Mama as if she's from Mars): Umm, no. I say, "PIGS! Get on over here right now!"

No, I don't know where she gets this stuff.

15 minutes later, in the car

TING TING: Mama, I want to be a mermaid.

MAMA: A mermaid? Why?

TING TING: I want to live under the water and eat jellyfish.



Beverly said...

I think her reasoning is brilliant and it even appears she has some rythm! You go TingTing.

Stephanie said...

I love those conversations. I miss them. Everyone in our household is growing past the age when their imaginations ran wild and they were unencumbered by grown-up reasoning.