Saturday, October 14, 2006

Let me check the calendar again

While I was out for my morning run on Thursday, I began to see white things floating in the air around me. No, it wasn't the aftereffects of my eye injury, it was snow.

On October 12.

The flurries flew like crazy for about 20 minutes after I got back, sticking to our deck and a few bushes, but all the snow had melted by the time I left for work. The white stuff accumulated in other parts of the city, though, making it the Chicago area's earliest measurable snowfall.

I don't suppose Ting Ting has ever seen snow, because the winters in Hunan are quite mild. Sure enough, I checked the Yueyang weather report (look on the right side of the page, near the bottom) and found Thursday was another 70-degree day in her part of the world.

I wondered how she would deal with our infamous winters.

But then I realized that in just a few weeks, our little girl will be taken away from the people who raised her and everything that looks, sounds, tastes and smells familiar. She'll have to learn to trust us, then to love us -- and to let us love her. It'll require an amazing amount of courage and strength from such a tiny baby.

After she deals with that -- and the long flight home -- I suspect it'll take more than a few snowflakes to faze her.

P.S. Happy first birthday to Olivia, another spicy Hunan girl. Her mommy and daddy will be holding her in just a few days! Safe travels to Michelle and Eric.


laura said...

Hi Susan!
Your little girl is SUCH a doll. Wow, this is all very exciting. Her crib is waiting for her in her new home, that's so sweet.

PS: Your link to my blog doesn't work.

Can't wait to read more about your travel plans!


Michelle said...

Susan, Thank you so much for remembering Olivia's first birthday. That was so very sweet of you:) Hope we all can meet up in Illinois in December (let's hope the weather settles down by then).