Friday, October 27, 2006

Rachel's latest stats

We have some updated information on Ting Ting.

More recent measurements show her weighing 17.6 pounds at approximately 9 months -- that's a pound LESS than she weighed at 6 months. That doesn't alarm me, though; in fact, I kind of expected it. The babies are weighed with their clothes on and not under the best conditions; in all my reading, I have never seen anyone say that they got to China and found the baby was bigger than they expected.

Rachel Shu-Ting has grown a couple of inches, to about 27 inches long. Her new measurements all put her between the 50th and 75th percentile on the Asian growth charts. Her 6-month measurements showed her at the top of the charts for weight and the bottom for height, which is another reason I felt the weight was inaccurate. I would have expected her to look a lot chunkier in this photo if that were the case. The new numbers appear to confirm my estimate that she'll be wearing size 9-months clothing when we pick her up.

Of course, maybe it's THIS measurement that's off -- if so, we might have a BIG surprise when we get to China!

Lance and I spent last evening at our adoption agency for a travel meeting. We still don't have our travel dates, but we should know them soon. We got a lot of good information to prepare us for the trip, and we're all getting very excited! I'll post information as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan,
I'm still clicking in! Thank you for sharing your ongoing narrative with so many of us.
Margaret at Stephens

Anonymous said...


Good idea on the Blog. This is a great tool to share news with relatives and friends.

You both look so happy in the front picture.

There's less and less time left for Rachel's arrival.


Robert R.