Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Princess Ting Ting

Thanks to the commenter who let me know that Disney's Mulan 2 movie features a princess named Ting Ting! I saw the first Mulan movie years ago and loved it, but I haven't seen the sequel. Actress Sandra Oh is the voice of Ting Ting. I'm looking forward to getting a copy for our own little princess.

Yesterday, our agency's update featured news of our group's referrals and also a little info about Yueyang. We have 11 families in our group.

Lance and I have officially accepted our referral of Rachel Shu-Ting. The agency should be returning those acceptances to the CCAA by the end of the week. Our next step is to await travel approval; that should take about a month. But once we receive that, things move very quickly for our trip.

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Tamara said...

My 7 y/o thinks Mulan 2 is pretty neat. She informed me princess Ting Ting is looking for a husband.

Come on TA's!