Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First official hair cut

I'd love to share some photos of Ting Ting getting her first professional haircut.

Unfortunately, I don't have any -- I was too busy holding her in my lap while the deed was done. I do have some photos of her enjoying one of the clever little kiddie chairs after her haircut, though.

It's hard to believe that a little girl who looked like this less than a year ago would have hair hanging way into her eyes now, but she did. And although her Mama -- who is NOT a professional cosmetologist -- had given her a couple of trims to get by, it was time to let a professional do the job. Because of a previous unsuccessful trip to the nearest discount hair cutter, I swallowed hard and ponied up the full price for a cut at a kid-friendly place.

Ting Ting was grumpy when we left for the salon; she was just up from a nap and unhappy about being strapped into her car seat so soon. But when we walked in and she saw all the little cars and horses and animals that kids can sit in while their hair is cut, she stopped and said, "Ooooooohhhh!"

She was thrilled about choosing her own seat; she opted for a fire engine. All was well until the woman cutting her hair tried to put a cape around her -- Ting Ting left her fire engine faster than a firefighter responding to a 911 call. We could not get her back in it, either. The woman asked if I would be willing to try holding Ting Ting as she got her cut. I looked a bit nervously at that little fire engine seat, but they quickly swapped it with a regular chair and I sat down with my daughter in my lap.

They played a video to entertain Ting Ting during her trim, but it lasted longer than the hair cut. So she moved from my lap to the little motorcycle next door and I was able to get some photos as she watched the ending. Oh, and what was the video that had her so transfixed?

Well, Dora, of course!

The place had only one other customer because it was nearly quitting time. I wish I had gotten her there earlier because they also had a little indoor play area.

I let her play a few minutes, but soon we had to go so the nice ladies could close the shop.

And, yes, you guessed it -- she didn't want to leave.

So she cried on the way home, too. But at least this time she looked mah-velous.


Beverly said...

Very cute cut.


Anonymous said...

What a little glamour girl! Thanks for the new batch of pictures!