Thursday, November 01, 2007

Monkeying around

The kids at Ting Ting's daycare all wore their costumes yesterday. She and I got there just in time for her to participate in the parade. The costumes were great!

We tried to personalize Ting Ting's costume a little by having her wear her favorite hot pink cowboy boots (thanks, Aunt Beth), so she could pretend to be Boots, the monkey sidekick of Dora the Explorer.

I know, too subtle. She did enjoy wearing the boots, though.

Why, it's a monkey riding a rocking fish, of course.

After she got home, Ting Ting helped me answer the door a few times. She hated giving away the chocolate, though! (Where does she get that?)

Here she is enjoying a Hershey bar. Notice who's standing inside the house -- Cyrus the anti-Halloween cat (white as the driven snow).

The little monkey needed some dinner.

Then she played in her kitchen.

And, of course, she had to make a call. Right after I took this photo, our phone rang and I answered almost the identical model of phone in our own kitchen. Ting Ting saw me on the big phone while she was on her little one, and she thought that was hysterical. I think she thought that she had actually called me.

If you'd like to see more costume silliness, check out the Rumor Queen today for a list of links.

Happy November!


Brandi said...

What a cute little monkey! Looks like she had a great Halloween!

Laura said...

OH my, she is seriously cute!
Just catching up with your family, loving the pictures. Isn't Halloween so much fun?


Anonymous said...

What an adorable little monkey! The pink cowboy boots are pretty cute, too.