Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunday afternoon in the park

It was a little chilly last weekend, but we went to the park anyway. We were really tired of being cooped up inside!

Even though we had to wear jackets, it was worth it.

Ting Ting spent most of her time climbing fake rock walls and going down slides taller than me. I don't have photos of that, though, because I was too busy helping Lance supervise her so she wouldn't fall and crack her head open just because she insisted: "I do it MYSELF."

(Don't tell her that Daddy was holding her in this photo).


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Great pics! Looks fun!

prechrswife said...

I see you have a little daredevil, too! :-) Looks like a fun day.

missy said...

Ting Ting looks so happy no matter what she is doing. Hope spring and warm weather make it your way soon!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Happy Mother's Day!