Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ah, the wonder of it all

I always have loved Christmas, but there is nothing better than sharing it with a little one.

Here's Ting Ting with the beautiful tree at the home of Aunt Chris and Uncle Keith.

We always get together with Lance's family at Christmas time to celebrate. Like many of you, we have:

Lots of good food . . .

especially cookies. Plenty of cookies.

We spend time with our loved ones . . .

and get our photos taken many times.

We also have many special family traditions. For example, after the gifts are opened, we have a wrapping paper fight:

And then at some point Uncle Keith breaks out the wacky costumes.

Because, really, nothing says, "unto us a Savior is born" quite like a sumo wrestler.

Lauren did the honors, while cousin Candace put on the costume that made it look like she was riding an ostrich.

And, no, I couldn't really explain it to Ting Ting.

But it was all in good fun.


Adrienne said...

Until today, I was unfamiliar with the Sumo wrestling holiday tradition. Looks like everyone had a great time, though!

prechrswife said...

"Because, really, nothing says, "unto us a Savior is born" quite like a sumo wrestler."

That line made me laugh out loud! Priceless...