Friday, March 21, 2008

Yes, these photos are from Christmas. So sue me.

I know you really come here because you want to see photos. Lance is the better photographer, so after his camera was broken in September, we haven't had as many good photos to share. However, he has taken some good stills with his video camera, and I figured posting these inferior shots I took, three months after the events, might just spur him on to get those downloaded and to me. It's worth a try, anyway.

I took Ting Ting to see Santa Claus at an event sponsored by our adoption agency. She was a little hesitant about approaching Santa until he held out her gift, then she went happily to him and climbed on his lap and smiled really big. I'm telling you this because I have it on video, but no still photos. Can you believe it? Her first time in Santa's lap and I don't have a photo . . . help me, Lance.

Ting Ting's gift was a Dora the Explorer book. At the event, she visited with our social worker, Uncle Bob and Santa, opened her present and stuffed her face full of cookies. So what do you think happened on the drive home?

Yep, out like a light.

Santa was so nice to share cookies with her that Ting Ting was happy to leave cookies and a refreshing beverage out for Santa on Christmas eve. Here's what was left of it the next morning.

Yes, in our house, Santa drinks Sprite. Sprite Zero, to be precise. What do you do in your house, leave a glass of milk out to spoil? EEEeuuuuwww.

Ting Ting had so many presents to open that we finally just stopped about halfway through. It was too much for one little girl! It made it more fun for her later as she continued opening presents and going through her stocking for several more days.

One of her favorite gifts was her Dora pajamas from Aunt Kay.

The other nice thing about Christmas was that Brandon and Lauren were here for a week. She enjoyed hanging out with them.

I realize it's spring already, but you wouldn't know it if you lived here. Snow today! Argh!

Coming soon (I hope): our visit to Brentwood, Ting Ting's birthday (in January) and the Chinese New Year celebration (also in January). And maybe Auntie Debi will send some photos of our visit to Washington.

I know, I'm pathetic. But don't you like the new banner? I did it myself!


Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness, she's so adorable in her little Dora PJs!

So, I expect we'll see photos of Easter around... the 4th of July? : )

I love your new banner, by the way -- especially the photo of Ting Ting and Cyrus!

Beverly said...

I like the new banner. Love the dora pjs. Payless shoes right now have dora light up sandals. Got Glenys a pair Sat. Hoping to make it through fall with them!! Too cold right now to wear them though.

missy said...

The new banner is great! You are so talented. I love seeing photos of Ting Ting anytime of the year : )

Anonymous said...

Applause...I still like the stories that accompany the photos!
Margaret C.