Sunday, March 02, 2008

More than 25,000 served

When I switched to a blog format in August 2006, I installed a meter to keep track of how many visits we had to the site, just for my own amusement. Sometime on Monday, it clicked over to 25,000 -- and that doesn't include the people who visited our old web page for 10 months before that.

I realize those numbers are inflated by several things, not the least of which was the way I left you all hitting *refresh*refresh*refresh* on Dec. 4, 2006, when I had promised photos and news of the long-awaited delivery of our daughter -- and then didn't deliver the photos for more than 24 hours. But even without that little circulation boost, the meter shows a pretty regular group of readers who are fairly loyal even though I admit with much embarrassment that I don't do that great of a job keeping things updated over here.

Originally I set up this site to keep family and friends informed while we were waiting, then to report on our trip to China and our first months at home. I picked up some new friends along the way, and some of them have hung around, too. And others are visiting to learn about adoption or China or One Hundred Good Wishes Quilts. (Imagine the surprise of the person who got to our site by googling "the Rachel haircut" and getting a listing that included several photos of Jennifer Anniston as well as this beauty).

I enjoy sharing photos and funny stories with you, and I'll keep doing it in this format as long as it appears we have a group of people who enjoy seeing them. So keep clicking, and I'll keep posting . . . umm, maybe I'll even get better about that part.

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