Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OK, here she is!

Lance and I and our beautiful daughter with the orphanage director (right) and another official a few hours after placement.

All 10 babies placed with families in our travel group wore these bright, poofy cold weather outfits. Here is Ba Shu Ting waiting in the wings, less than a minute before she was placed in my arms.And here's how it happened. I could barely tell how big she was because it felt like I was holding a big pillow.

Lance put his camera down after that, so we'll have to wait to receive photos from other members of our travel group. We all agreed to photograph each others' placements and share, because it was a bit of a chaotic scene over at the Civil Affairs Office Monday morning.

This isn't the best photo of Lance, but I'm including it because he's showing the ID our daughter was wearing when we got her. Plus, it's one of the earliest photos of him holding her.

After a little nap on the bus back to the hotel, little Ting Ting was wide awake for the rest of the day. I had the fun of changing my first diaper and fixing my first bottle of formula. Under her poufy outfit, Ting Ting was wearing pink Teletubbies PJs. We didn't put her pants back on her because they were soaked, but we kept her in the shirt until Tuesday morning.

I gave my daughter the first bottle. It has been non-stop eating ever since! Lance won her over with Cheerios, and I also found fruit paste a the local Wal-mart,

Today (tuesday) we completed the adoption at the Civil Affairs office, so Rachel officially is our daughter. I'll write about that (and more about placement day) when I can keep my eyes open.

Thanks for all the good thoughts! I promise better photos soon.


Robin said...

WOW.. what great photos of little Ting Ting. Looks like the three of you are getting along GREAT!
I love following along on your journey through China.

ps.. Your quilt square is in the mail today. It should be there when you return home. :-)

Anonymous said...

My eyes wont stop filling with tears. She's perfect! Beautiful!
She's yours! Happy Mothers Day to you Susan and Fathers Day to you Lance.
Welcome to our family!
Lots of Love,
Aunt Chris, Uncle Keith, Casey & Candace

Anonymous said...

Gloria Sanford, taggie blankie lady
Congratulations Lance and Susan. I have been following your chronicles right after Chuck and Lynette's each day. It is so nice to see your Rachel with you. I pray blessing abundant from above for the rest of your trip and that she bonds quickly with you both.

Kay said...

She's beautiful! Hang in there Susan. This is a new adventure for all of you. I can't wait to actually see her in person. Thanks for posting the pictures. I was getting just a little bit impatient.

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations, mommy!

Kay said...

Okay, she looks tiny. How much does she weigh and what size clothes is she wearing?

Kay said...

Okay, she looks tiny. How much does she weigh and what size clothes is she wearing? Rann and I need to go shopping.

Michelle said...

She is just the most precious little girl. I am so happy for you. Does it feel real yet? Give Rachel tons of hugs and kisses from Olivia and I! It finally happened, what a gret feeling!

Anonymous said...

Multiply my congratulations!
Margaret C.

Michelle said...

She is so precious and so very beautiful. I cannot put into words how happy I am for you three!

Trust me that diapering, bathing and feeding are so much easier when you are back at home! Just take it easy for the next few days and enjoy your time with her knowing someone else will make the beds, vaccum the floor and cook your meals! (speaking of meals are you enjoying the cuisine??)

Gigi and I cannot wait to meet Rachel after she has settled in to life in the old USA.

Happy Days and sleepy nights,
Michelle I

Robert said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Glad to see things worked out as planned. Corinne and I are very very happy for you.

She looks so cute !!!

Robert and Corinne

Valeh said...

in the last photo i see the eyes of a mather!
good luck from Italy!!
(I find yours blog in the web with "next blog")

Laura said...

Wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing those intimate moments of getting your daughter.

She is soooooo cute!

Good luck with the final stages of this process!


Nancy said...

Your baby is so cute! She's going to have such a great life with you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I am so very Happy for all of you!
Welcome Rachel to our loving family and the many wonderful and special times we will spend together.
All our love and Best Wishes
Aunt Gloria and Uncle Jerry

Cousin Cheri said...

Hey Lance & Susan,
What a great thing to view 1st thing on a weekday! Beth & I talked about Gran last night, and she mentioned that I should view the latest pics! How adorable, I know you both are in heaven....My prayers are with you all! I can't wait to meet Ting-Ting in person!
Love to all, Cheri

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get my hands on that baby.

Hanke said...

Oh, Susan! We're so happy for you.
She looks wonderful! And you and Lance look so happy! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I have come up with a nickname for her squidget. It is squid and midget mixed together. how many duckies must suffer under your cruel and unforgiving rath!!! dad I thought you were a live and let live kind of guy? poor duckies :( .