Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just for grins

Big blocks of text with no photos are a no-no. So here are some cute grins for you:

With Daddy at the grocery store in Guangzhou.

With Daddy in a restaurant.

With Uncle Bill in Guangzhou.

Doing a little shopping.

Visiting with Uncle Bob.

Several other babies and parents from our group, playing together in the hotel hallway in Changsha.


Kay said...

She looks great and very happy! It should be downhill from now Susan.

It's amazing how long it takes to see these postings after you do them. It is 11:34 AM here and your posting says it was done at 9:14 AM. I am sitting here hitting the refresh button every few minutes so it takes some time to actually post and get the comments to TN. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Even I reached for the Kleenex...
Thank you so much for sharing the details of Rachel's special delivery. What a poignant Christmas story!
Margaret C.

Anonymous said...

You know, I look at these pictures,and everything looks so natural. It seem to be only yesterday that this process started. It's hard to believe your long wait is over and your new life has begun.
Looking forward to your return.
Hugs & kisses to all.
Chris & crew =)

Michelle said...

It is all really so magical isn't it...these pictures take my breath away! It is so beautiful to see you all so happy!

Godspeed on the rest of the trip,
Michelle I

Adrienne said...

I love her little pink shoes! What a cutie!