Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here's what you want -- more photos!

This is a goofy photo of Lance (again), but you can see little Ting Ting's face pretty clearly. This was taken Tuesday morning, when we went back to the Civil Affairs office in Changsha to finalize the adoption. (Lauren: look -- she's wearing the outfit you gave her).

Rachel's red footprint is placed on one of the official adoption documents. She's not wearing any pants because they were lost in an unfortunate diaper incident a few minutes earlier. Lesson No. 1 for new mom Susan -- always take a change of clothes, even if you're only going to be gone three or four hours.

We put our thumbprints on the documents in red ink.

While we waited our turn at the Civil Affairs office, I showed Ting Ting some family photos. You should see her grin when she looks at all your faces!

That's another goofy photo of Lance -- I'm beginning to detect a pattern, aren't you?

This photo actually was from the previous day, as all the expectant parents walked into the Civil Affairs office for the placement. I'm carrying gifts for the nanny who brought her to us, the orphanage director and the foster family.

This is shortly after placement, when Rachel meets Bob McNeil, the Sunny Ridge staff person who is accompanying us in China. Bob is in charge of the intercountry adoption program at Sunny Ridge and actually founded the China adoption program, so we're very blessed to have him with us. This is his 36th trip to China! Both he and Bill, the agency's in-China staff person, said that, as a group, these are the healthiest babies they ever have seen on placement day.

To answer Kay's question: Ting Ting weighs 7 kg (15.4 pounds), which is less than either of her earlier reports indicated. She is long, though. The 9 mos outfit I put on her the next day was big at the top. I put a 6 mos sleeper on her later that day, and it didn't seem quite long enough, although it fit otherwise. But, trust me, if she keeps eating the way she has, she'll be solidly in 9 mos clothes by the time we hit the States.

Now that we're back online, the equipment is working, Ting Ting's ear infection is healing, she'll let me hold her and she actually naps, we should be able to get caught up with photos and postings very soon. Sorry again for the delay -- I know you want to see more!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photos they are wonderful. Lance, you're looking a bit sleepy there? Are you doing ok? Susan, you're beeming!
You both take care of yourselves,
stay healthy.
Love to all Chris.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that Rachel is feeling better. It looks like you guys are all settled in and that the three of you have been together forever! I'm just so happy for you. I'm showing Olivia the picture and this morning I told her that we were going to meet you guys over the holidays and she actually started to laugh!! She is just as excited as I am!!!

Michelle said...

Susan and Lance, what a beautiful precious little girl your family has been blessed with. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble to let us see her and you all!

Hopefully with some napping and good sleeping you will all be able to fully enjoy the rest of your time in her incredible country. Can't wait to read more about Ting Ting and your trip.

Something to look forward to...won't it be just a bit warmer in Guangzhou? I hope so since the shopping is great and the food even better!!

Michelle I

Jill said...

Looks like things are going great. I wish I had a blog like this one to in 2002 to follow Catalina's journey from China to Chicago. Rachel is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan et Lance: You don't know me but I was in the group that went over with Sunnyridge in July to get our baby Mei-Lin. I got your website from another new mom. Looking at your pictures brings tears to my eyes thinking back on our journey. You all look wonderful and Ting Ting is very lucky to have you. God bless and now just wait until you get back to the states and make that transition. Julia Walch

Laura said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing more photos. She's a little doll. We want more close-ups of Rachel, less of Lance (just kidding!)

Enjoy the rest of your trip, I'm sure you are excited to get back home with your new daughter.


Anonymous said...

Susan and Lance your little girl looks beautiful congratulations proud new parents. I am so glad that everything is finally working out so well for you guys and what a prize you two have in Ting Ting.
Lance, everything is going fairly well at work to, so don’t worry about anything here and just enjoy yourself.
All the best Joe.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all three of you! I am Jacquie's sister. She posted your blog on her site. Ting Ting is adorable! God bless all of you!