Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scenes from O'Hare

My sister Kay surprised us by being at O'Hare to videotape our arrival. She actually flew in from Nashville, shot video, then flew home. Those will be priceless videos for us.

Still, if I had known she would be there, I would have done hair and makeup:
This is such a cute photo of Ting Ting that I had to post it anyway. Rather than putting in my contact lenses or combing my hair, I spent the last few minutes of the flight changing Ting Ting and getting her dressed in this cute little outfit I bought in China. I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it.While Kay waited, she had a blast visiting with the family of our travelmates Chuck and Lynette, who brought home their daughter, Dani. Here is father and daughter:
Kay had been reading their blog, too, so she felt like she knew them. And I'm pleased to report that Dani came through this flight just fine (Chuck was quite relieved, too).

Ting Ting did great on the flight as well. She slept quite a bit, and she flirted with all the people sitting around us.

We are so grateful that Kay was at the airport to fill in this gap in our video coverage. When I saw the big crowd greeting Chuck and Lynette, I was a little sad that we didn't have anyone at the airport for us -- but, surprise! We did!

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Laura said...

Hi Susan!
These are such great photos, you are very kind to open up your house to all of us who want to see your new little daughter as she adjusts to her new life.