Friday, March 21, 2008


SCENE 1: Mama and Ting Ting putting together a Dora the Explorer jigsaw puzzle in the family room.

MAMA: Oh, no, a piece is missing! Where is it?
TING TING (tilting her head and looking at Mama out of the corner of her eye): Ting Ting's ear?


SCENE 2: Daddy sitting on the bed with his laptop computer. Ting Ting climbs up beside him, and he reaches to turn on the TV.

DADDY: Susan, do you know where the remote is?
TING TING (cocking her head): Ting Ting's ear?


SCENE 3: Brandon prepares to set up his weekend entertainment.

BRANDON: What did I do with my video game?
TING TING (turning her ear toward him): Ting Ting's ear?

Gee, do you think Daddy has performed that magic trick just a little too often?


prechrswife said...

Too funny! :-)

Beverly said...

Heh Heh Heh