Saturday, August 19, 2006

Goodbye to an old friend

Today Lance and I had to say goodbye to Ethel, my 16-year-old pug/dachshund mix. She was a faithful friend and a good dog, and I already miss her.

Ethel was always looking out for me. I love this photo because it was taken just a couple months after Lance and I began dating -- see how she has her eye on him?

Ethel put up with a lot, especially in the last few years:

Rest in peace, old friend.


Anonymous said...

Susan -- my children will always remember Pavlov and Ethel from our trip to Flossmoor in 2001. Do you remember, Pavlov had just had eye surgery, and he was wearing an embarassingly silly cone around his head to protect his eye. All of which was humiliating enough, until he decided to sniff up Ethel as she was relieving herself in the yard, covering his cone with delicious smelling doggy doodoo! My kids still laugh about that incident, and remember Ethel fondly. She was a dear dog, and had a good life. We will miss her. Love, Debi

Susan said...

Debi -- I still laugh when I think about that day. Gracie and I were behind the other kids and all of a sudden heard a loud, "EEEUUUUUUWWWWWW!" from Sam and Bethie. I remember Pavlov retained his dignity throughout, though (or at least he did in his own mind).

Thanks for the funny memory.

Your Siiiis-ter said...

I on the other hand will always remember Ethel covered in tequilla during a visit to your condo. And of course, who could forget the near death experience with the hornets. Yes, she will always have a special place in my heart and I will miss her too.