Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The other day a friend at work asked if I had any news. I told her nope, not a thing.

"What does the gossip lady say?" she asked.

"It's not 'the gossip lady,'" I told her sternly. "It's the RUMOR QUEEN!"

Please, a little respect!

The Rumor Queen has many loyal subjects who check her site daily (OK, hourly) for any news about when referrals might come out, what dates they might include or any snippets of information about What The Heck They're Doing in China.

She tends to have solid information before anyone else. The rumors also can drive you crazy. And they are, after all, rumors. But those of us hoping for a referral this month find ourselves checking her site 10 (or 20 . . . OK, 30) times a day. It's addictive.

All hail the Queen!

I must admit, though, that while I'm waiting for word, I've found another source of hope: The Magic 8-Ball. (EDITED 9-11-06: The online Magic 8-Ball is no more). Even the Queen herself has suggested it is as accurate as she is early in the month. Until today, it has kept me cautiously optimistic that we'll receive a referral this month, but it has led me to believe that it will come so late that I won't have a photo of Rachel until September. Just now I asked again, though:

"Will we get our referral in August?" "You may rely on it."

Will we see her photo before Labor Day?" "YES."

I figure right now it's about as accurate as anything. Go ahead, check it for yourself. And let me know what it tells you!

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Nancy said...

My bad! I hope the Rumor Queen can forgive me!