Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Book 'em, Lance-O

I know that's a terrible headline, but I'm feeling a bit punchy. We have booked our flights! We are leaving around lunchtime on Nov. 29 and arrive in Beijing in the late afternoon of the next day.

Our return flight arrives at O'Hare 8 minutes after we leave Hong Kong.

That jet lag is really going to mess with our heads! Of course, our heads will be swimming anyway. And just imagine what a whirlwind it's going to be for an almost-11-month-old girl on the other side of the world.


Michelle said...

Wow! Isn't this just so exciting! I'm telling you make sure to bring the Ergo Baby, Olivia slept in that on the plane, it was perfect. She loves it! I know your going to have such an awesome time. It's finally happening!!! Let me know if you need anything. I have tons of stuff from the Orphan allies kit that I never used and would be happy to send to you. Just think we will all be home with our girls for Christmas and we can get together and finally meet:) I'm so happy for you guys.

Chuck & Lynette Giacinto said...

Hey guys...it's our turn! Enjoy Thanksgiving and then it's rush, rush. Can't wait to see you soon!