Monday, November 27, 2006

Day after tomorrow!

We're past the point of counting down the days now, we're leaving the day after tomorrow!

My apologies to people who tried to post comments last night and couldn't; I think it's fixed now.

I have to go pack -- did I mention we're leaving the day after tomorrow?


Laura said...

Eeeeeeee! This is all for real now. Wow. OK, deep breath. They will be handing you your daughter, at long last, you can't be all nervous and shaking. LOL!
And I don't care what the social worker said, this will be her best day ever, too, she just doesn't know it yet. But she will! :-)

Best wishes for an uneventful flight and a fabulous journey in China.


Anonymous said...

Following your trip from day to day. Thinking of you and know how happy you will be when you hold dear little Rachel in your arms.
Mary Koppes

Anonymous said...

Well..well..well...... At last!
Though we spoke last night and covered much. Once again I want to say how excited we are for you both. Those sleepless nights are approaching fast. Not because she's affraid... because that's part of being a good mother. Some times just to watch her breath & for no other reason. The feeling of unconditional love will be over whelming & the tears will flow.
One day at a time we'll be waiting.
Waiting for Rachel to let us know that she has excepted you both as her parents. And now it's time to play with Aunt Chris Uncle Keith & cousins Casey & Candace.

Michelle said...

I cannot believe your day is so close, I am so very, very excited for you guys! The next time you blink you will be in China, at the Great Wall dreaming (if you can sleep!)of the day Rachel joins you and Lance!

The humor, patience and persistance that you have demonstrated during the long and difficult wait will be so helpful to you and Rachel during this precious, but at times difficult, trip. Those same traits will enable you to be the very best of mothers too!

I hope you are able to enjoy the small moments of the trip as much as the big ones! And capture all of them on film. It is amazing how much I forgot from the trip in such a short time. I love all the pictures, blog entries and comments, and video we have to help us remember now and Gigi to have and understand for later!

I sure hope that you have a healthy, safe and blessed trip! And we can't wait to follow along.

Michelle I and Family

Grace said...


John Biemer sent me the link to your blog and informed me that the trip is SO soon. Journey mercies and have a beautiful time. Congratulations, it seems like forever and yesterday all at the same time!!


Nancy said...

Have a wonderful time meeting your darling daughter!

Michelle said...

WOW!!! I can't believe you are going to leave tomorrow. How wonderful. I am so happy and excited for you. I know you will love every moment of this amazing journey to Rachel. I hope you have a safe, and healthy trip.

Anonymous said...

Susan and Lance, so great to be able to follow you with all the great pictures of you two and the dear baby Rachel you have adopted. She seems very happy with her parents. Better watch her, I think she has her eyes on Lance the way it sounds. Have really enjoyed being able to see everything. I am so surprised you can do all that from there. Love Mary Koppes