Monday, November 06, 2006

We're not far

Rachel might be half a world away right now, but we won't have to wait too much longer to go to meet her. Our agency sent word this morning that our travel approval is on its way and should arrive this week. I'll spare you all the timeline mumbo-jumbo and get to the point -- the best guess right now is that we'll leave for China on Nov. 29 or Dec. 6.

We hope to have our plans firmed up by the middle of next week, then it won't be long before we're on our way.

I had a feeling we might get news today; maybe it was because of yesterday's sermon. In honor of All Saints Day, Rev. Babler talked about how good it feels to be close to a goal. He reminded us how good it felt when we were a child on a long car trip to hear that "we're not far" from our destination. He spoke of his son, who was running a marathon that very morning after months of training, and how it must feel wonderful to know he's not far from the finish line.

My friend Debi is visiting, and she and Lance were in church with me to hear these words. Debi and I had run into the pastor at the holiday bazaar on Saturday, and I had showed him the latest photos of Rachel and talked about our upcoming trip. So when we left the church, he congratulated Lance on our good news and said, "you're not far!"

After two years of paperwork and seminars and waiting, our goal is within reach. Our daughter is half a world away, but right around the corner.

Rachel, here we come!


Michelle said...

How incredibly timely was that sermon and how good to hear at this particular time! I will be saying a prapyer, crossing fingers, anything it takes to help you hear soon and travel earlier rather than later!

You are in our thoughts,
The Irwin's

Tamara said...

Well said and a very timely message. I can't wait to hear you good news this week- for me it was almost as exciting as referral!

Anonymous said...

I am keeping track of all your travel plans. 30 hours is a long time in the air but the reason for your trip is wonderful. Thinking of you and all your family.

Mary K.