Friday, November 17, 2006

Our life by the numbers

12: Number of days until we leave for China.

44: Pounds allowed per suitcase for in-China flights (and we're limited to one suitcase each).

5 1/2:
Number of hours' sleep I got last night (it was a good night for me!)

Number of squares collected for our One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt so far.

16 (or 17):
Number of days until we hold Rachel Shu-Ting for the first time.

Number of days still to work before we leave.

Number of staff evaluations I have to complete before I can go.

Number of weeks I'm taking off work as family leave.

Number of quilt squares shy of 100 we are (If you haven't contributed, please do! If you
need help, e-mail me).

13 1/2:
Hours it'll take us to fly to Beijing.

Number of electronic devices Lance is taking on the plane for entertainment or comfort (that's not counting the camera and camcorder).

Number of days before Cyrus goes to Aunt Gloria's house.

Number of days before Gloria gives him back.

Number of days until Rachel's 10-month birthday (Happy birthday, Ting Ting!).


Anonymous said...

LOL- I can identify. Seems like I'm living by numbers here lately as well- 4 days until I leave for China! whoo hoo

Laura said...

Whoah! I'm just catching up again. I skip a few days and there you go, breaking news again!
I got chills reading your most recent entries. I can only imagine how thrilled y'all are to get on that plane, already.

I hope you are able to keep up with your blog while you are in China, and especially with pictures. You must indulge us!