Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Travel approval!

We received word today that our travel approval has arrived from China! Now our agency will be making an appointment for us at the American consulate in Guangzhou. Once we receive our consulate appointment date, we'll know when we're leaving.

We hope to have firm travel dates by the middle of next week! Woo hoo!


Michelle said...


I was so happy to get back to the states and hear that you received your TA today!!! YIPEE HURRY UP CA! I hope you hear something before Friday. Pack your bags..China here you come. I'll definitly have to talk to you before you go. you are going to love China and every second you can spend with Rachel! I am so happy for you to and can't wait to meet all of you!

Lisa~~ said...

Yippee!! Wonderful news, congrats.

Tamara said...

How wonderful! It has been so hard for both of us waiting for TA. Wonder if we will be in China the same time? I leave Thanksgiving day (13 days away!!)

Anonymous said...

As Mr. Shirky would say,"full speed ahead."
M. Campbell

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan & Lance ~ It's Sunday evening now and we just spent the afternoon together at one of your showers. All the beautiful gifts given to you and Rachel. Your new life is almost here. It's hard to believe. A new journey is about to begin and what a life altering journey it will be.
As we speak Lance just pulled up in front of our house to pick up Brandon. LOL ! Just thought I'd toss that in.
WE love you guys and wish you the best of every thing. Have a safe & wonderful trip & stay healthy. WE wait on pins & needles until we can squeeze our new little neice.
Chris, Keith, Casey & Candace.