Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Introducing . . .

Isn't this cool?

A co-worker of Lance's was kind enough to translate an introduction letter that we can print onto cards to take to China. We're told that the Chinese people are very friendly to visitors and will want to know something about us and our baby. I hope to use a few of my (very) basic Mandarin skills to have some rudimentary conversations, but let's face it -- I'm going to run out of topics pretty quickly! This card will get our point across much better.

This is what it says:


We are Lance and Susan from the United States. We live near the city of Chicago. We are here in your beautiful country to adopt Ba Shu Ting as our daughter. She was born in Hunan, and her name will be Rachel Shu-Ting.

We want her to learn as much as she can about China and its rich history and culture so that she will always be proud that she is Chinese.

We promise to love Rachel Shu-Ting always. Her older brother, older sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are all eagerly waiting to welcome her into our family.

Thank you for the kindness you have shown us.

Lance and Susan

(Xie Xie -- thank you -- to Bor-Jenq for doing us this favor).


Kay said...

That is a totally awesome idea.

Michelle said...

Love the idea, so wish I had thougth of it. The people of China are so warm and friendly and so eager to communicate with us about the girls. This will be such a fabulous gesture and sure to make your trip that much more rich!

So hoping that you report TA soon...feeling for you everyday that goes by without it!

Michelle I

Tamara said...

Very neat- I can't wait for you to use these cards in Hunan!