Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shower photos

I wanted to share some photos Lance took at Rachel's shower on Nov. 12 (yes, I DO think we'll download photos more quickly in China -- I know you all won't stand for waiting 9 days to see the little one!)

You can see we all had a great time. And the photos are really nice, so you WILL get good photos of Rachel while we're in China.

Here I am with my sister-in-law, Chris, who served as stenographer as I opened gifts.

My stepdaughter, Lauren, served as videographer (she's holding Lance's long-awaited and much-prized new video camera).

My mother came to town for the weekend. Here she is with Aunt Viv.

Rachel received some adorable outfits.

The beautiful cake.

Our friend Debbie, who threw the shower for us, really put her heart into the entire afternoon. It was a beautiful event from start to finish.

And here are my sisters- in-law, Chris and Gloria. No, Cyrus didn't attend the shower -- Lance was practicing his photoshop skills!

We leave for China in EIGHT DAYS!!!

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